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KAWANA Akio / President of Takushoku University


Explore Your Possibilities at Takushoku University in Japan!

Takushoku University is an international university with a rich history and tradition that was established in 1900 with a pledge to cultivate global individuals capable of contributing to Asia and the world. Many of our 150,000 graduates are active overseas. Of those seeking to study abroad, 80 percent or more are able to fulfill that dream, and the university offers courses in fourteen foreign languages. There are approximately a thousand foreign students attending the university.

The current times demand the education of globally aware individuals. The mission of our university is to cultivate such individuals—“Takushoku individuals”—with an international perspective and resilient personal strength that allow them to collaborate domestically and internationally to assertively identify and confront problems. In addition, we use the resources and know-how we have developed over more than a century as a springboard for responding to the demands of society, and we will push forward together as a unified faculty with renewed resolve to educate globally aware Takushoku individuals.

A program in which students study all four years at the same campus started in April of this year. Students of the Faculty of Commerce and the Faculty of Political Science and Economics will be studying at the Bunkyo Campus, while students of faculties of Foreign Languages, International Studies, and Engineering will be at the Hachioji International Campus. The Bunkyo Campus is an urban campus that benefits from a convenient transportation infrastructure. Both the Commerce and Political Science and Economics faculties have been focusing additional energy on seminar activities and are enhancing specialization with employment in mind. The Hachioji International Campus, where the faculties of Foreign Languages, International Studies, and Engineering are located, is a suburban campus surrounded by nature. As one would expect from their names, the faculties of Foreign Languages and International Studies are extremely international faculties. Foreign students come from many regions to enroll at our university, making it possible to interact with people from all over the world while remaining on campus. The Faculty of Engineering is partnering with companies to enhance industry-academia collaboration.

We intend to make further educational improvements as part of a “Takushoku University Educational Renaissance,” with 2020—the year the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held—as our target for completing them.

President’s Profile

  • Date of birth

    December 7, 1946

  • Birthplace


  • Area of specialty

    Biological information engineering

  • Background

    May 1969

    Graduated from Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

    June 1969

    Joined Master’s program at the Graduate School of Engineering , The University of Tokyo

    March 1971

    Completed Master’s program at the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

    March 1986

    Doctor of Engineering (The University of Tokyo)

    April 1971

    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (current Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation [NTT])

    July 1978

    Visiting Scholar, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

    September 1986

    Kawana Research Group Leader, NTT Basic Research Laboratories

    April 1999

    Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Takushoku University (until March 2017)

    April 2007

    Appointed Head of Graduate School of Engineering , Takushoku University (until March 2013)

    April 2009

    Appointed Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Takushoku University (until March 2013)

    April 2011

    Appointed Vice President of Takushoku University (until March 2015)

    April 2015

    Appointed President of Takushoku University

  • Other Activities


    Member, Bionics Standardization Committee, Japanese Standards Association


    Member, Cranial Nerve Cell Engineering Research Committee, Osaka Science & Technology Center


    Member, Frontier System Research Promotion, RIKEN


    Member, Committee on Development of Heart Disease Treatment Systems and Equipment, Technology Research Association of Medical and Welfare Apparatus


    Member of Science and Technology Expert Network Study, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy

  • Major Publications

    Nanofabrication and Biosystem (co-author), Cambridge Univ. Press; Neural Circuits and Networks (co-author), Springer; Shisutemu to shite no No [Brain as a System] (co-author), Kyoritsu Shuppan; Denshi Bussei Zairyo no Jiten [Encyclopedia of Electronic Properties and Materials] (co-author), Asakura Publishing; Nyuroinfomatikusu: Shikakukei wo Chushin ni [Neuroinformatics: Focus on Visual System] (co-author), Ohmsha, Ltd.; Bunshi Erekutoronikusu Kiban Gijutsu to Shorai Tenbo [Molecular Electronics Fundamental Technology and Future Prospects] (co-author), CMC Publishing

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