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Takushoku University Administrative organization chart

as of April 1, 2018
    • Chairman of the Board of Directors
    • Editorial Office of Compilation of the Centennial Publication

    • Internal Audit Division

    • Managing Directors

    • Administrative Office

    • Department of Planning

    • Planning Division

    • Accounting Division

    • Public Relations Division

    • Department of General Affairs

    • General Affairs Division

    • Personnel Affairs Division

    • Facility Management Division

    • Office of Admission Support Center

    • Administrative Office Support Center

    • Admissions Office

    • Department of Academic Affairs

    • President’s Office

    • Academic Affairs Division

    • Research Support Division

    • Hachioji Academic Affairs Division

    • Department of Hachioji General Affairs

    • Hachioji General Affairs Division

    • Department of Students Affairs

    • Student Support Centerr

    • Student Affairs Office

    • Students Welfare Division

    • Hachioji Student Affairs Office

    • Hachioji Students Welfare Division

    • Physical Education Division

    • Department of Career Counselling

    • Career Center

    • Career Counselling Division

    • Hachioji Career Counselling Division

    • Department of International Affairs

    • International Exchange and Foreign Students Center

    • International Affairs Division

    • Hachioji International Affairs Division

    • University Library/Department of Information Center

    • General Information Center

    • University Library

    • University Library Division

    • Hachioji University Library Division

    • Computer Management Division

    • Hachioji Computer Management Division

    • Hokkaido College /Department of General Affairs

    • General Affairs Division

    • Student Support Office

    • Career Counselling Office

    • Welfare Services Office

  • Daiichi High School/Department of General Affairs

  • Office

  • Koryo Kikaku Co., Ltd.

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