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Local Government Course

Topics of master’s theses

for 2016
  • Necessity and Problems of Therapy in Child Care Institution
  • The Issue of Public Transport among the Elder People in China -Based on the Situation of going out by the Elder Japanese-
  • About the State of the Political Financing in Political Reform. -Public Funding for Political Parties as the Means of the Transition period-
  • The Study on the Long-term Care for Single Mothers and Fathers in China
  • The Problem of Left-behind Children in Chinese Countryside -On The Influence for Left-behind Children Separated from Parents-
  • Research on Medical Conflict in China -Focusing on Doctor-Patient Communication-
for 2015
  • Reagan administration’s economic Policy -Guidance and results of the Reaganomics in the yeah of 1980-
  • Change and Penalties of Election Method by Lifting of the Ban of Internet Election -Internet Elections Encourage the Activity of local politics-
  • Social significance and future of the taxi business -Based on the perspective from the management-
  • Firm entry on Chinese senior care -Japanese long-term Care Insurance as a reference-
  • 「Investigation of the administrative evaluation that you should aim at judging from approach of NPM, the local government management」 -For realization of happy actual feeling city Arakawa through the administrative evaluation-
  • The Research on the Relationship between Movie System and Political System -Rule, Separation and Joining-
  • Prospect for Non-profit Organization in China
for 2014
  • The Home Ministry in the Imperial Rule Assistance System: Its Role in Political Control
  • The Conflict between “Assimilationalism” and “Autonomy” in Japan’s Colonial Rule of Taiwan -Over the Movement of the Petition of the Establishment of Taiwan Council as Taiwan Peoples’ Resistance Movement-
  • Near-future technology research
  • Study on the public transport -At the center of public transport development in Beijing-
  • The subject: the Cross-Border Policy of Prefectural Borders and the Necessity of Interregional Communication -The subtitle: the Challenges of Cross-Border Cooperation between Prefectural Borders-
  • Study on election voting behavior of Japan -Around the transition of turnout-
for 2013
  • Study of local government strategy that allows residents to experience the happiness -Focusing on health promotion measures-

Credits and Degrees

Master’s Program

Requirements for completion

Number of credits to be obtained



At least 8 credits

In the case of undergoing the examination of the master’s thesis

In the case of undergoing the examination of the results of research on a specific topic

At least 30 credits

At least 34 credits


At least 8 credits

Common to each field

At least 8 credits


Advanced seminar

No credits granted

Educational and research guidance (the creation of a master’s thesis or research on a specific topic)

Master (Politics/Administration)

Courses and teachers in the master’s program (as of April, 2017)

and research field

Class subjects



Politics Political Science 2 OHTANI Hirochika
Japanese Politics 2 ASANO Masahiko
Governance on Local Public Entity (Management of Local Public Entity) 2 AKIYAMA Yoshitsugu
Electoral System I (The Law Concerning Elections for Public Offices and the Law of Regulation on Financing of Political Activities) 2 NAKAMURA Katsuo
Electoral System II (Methodologies of Election Campaigns) 2 NAKAMURA Katsuo
The Process of Politics 2 OHTANI Hirochika
Resident Participation and NPO Management 2 MANABE Sadaki
Local Politics 2 MANABE Sadaki
Modern Japanese political history 2 SAWADA Jiro
Administration Public Administration 2 MASUDA Naoko
Administrative Management 2 MASUDA Naoko
Risk Management of Local Public Entity 2 TANAKA Kimito
Public Finance 2 YAMADA Eiji
Policy Evaluation 2 SAIKI Shuji
Administrative Law 2 TAKAHASHI Masato
Social Welfare Policies 2 AOYAGI Chikafusa
Local Administration 2 SUGAWARA Yasuharu
Common Public Law 2 KOTAKE Satoshi
Policy Studies I 2 HAMAGUCHI Kazuhisa
Policy Studies II 2 OHTANI Hirochika
Policy Studies III 2 MANABE Sadaki
Policy Studies Ⅳ 2 MORIYAMA Tadashi
Local Autonomy System 2 IKEDA Yasuhisa
Communication Studies of Local Public Entity 2 MANABE Sadaki
Special Lecture on Writing and Expressions (Basic Writing Practice) 2 YAMAGUCHI Takamasa
Special Lecture on Writing and Expressions (Practical Training in Writing) 2 YAMAGUCHI Takamasa
The Force to Explore: Lectures by Distinguished Scholars 2 Multiple teachers
Internship 2 Multiple teachers
Advanced seminars Local Politics and Administration Seminar I~Ⅱ (Research Guidance and Academic Degree Thesis Guidance) AKIYAMA Yoshitsugu
ASANO Masahiko
OHTANI Hirochika
KOTAKE Satoshi

Purpose and basic policy on educational research